Defining luxury since 1978

The company was founded in 22nd July 1978, starting with just two vehicles and a hand full of exclusive clientele, today A.W. Beckett drive some of the most important and influential people on the globe.

Our founder Alfred W. Beckett's principles of quality, authenticity and innovation, over his 30 years in the industry, are still of the utmost importance today. Our aim is, and always was, to redefine luxury travel.

A thoughtful renaissance 

It is this attention to detail, alongside our passion for cars, that continues to deliver pinnacle of luxury. Mindful of the heritage and high esteem in which the brand is held A.W. Beckett’s touch and thoughtful approach has allowed us to maintain our exclusivity while extending both our reach and range.

This approach has been successful by keeping the Dixon brand true to it’s Irish roots and investing in our fleet that has maintained the brand’s pre-eminent position in the world of luxury travel.
— Alfred Willis Beckett