Alfred Willis Beckett, the founder of A.W. Beckett & Dixon Company is the third son of Lady Patricia O’Brien and the successful American property developer Willis Niall Beckett. His knowledge of Ireland, north and south, was garnered at a young age, under the mindful care of chauffeurs exclusively selected by his parents from the ranks of the American Air Force. 

A.W Beckett is a gentleman who prides himself and his company in the simple but noble quality of service to which discretion, reliability and punctuality are inherent. 

Integral to this service is the precision and skill of the exclusive fleet of chauffeurs that constitute the A.W. Beckett & Dixon Company; to chart your journey with a detailed knowledge of the navigation best suited to your schedule, and, to govern our vehicles with the mechanical proficiency that provides you with a very pleasant and comfortable transit. 

A.W. Beckett & Dixon Company ensures that you receive the highest level of personalised care, working for you and with you to support your schedule, to honour your appointments, to ensure your safe arrival and to tend to any deviations required by you along the way. 

A.W. Beckett is a well travelled man accustomed to the finer things in life. He is no stranger to entrepreneurship, adventure, leisure and business travel, fine whiskies, or, indeed the backgammon table. It is perhaps this awareness that sees his company and services governed by a compelling sense of humility.

We believe it is our exclusive responsibility to allay any concern you may have about your journey, and that our competence will enable you to focus on the purpose of your journey.

It is the intention of the A.W. Beckett & Dixon Company that the journey you undertake with us is one that will give rise to an understated sense of accomplishment.